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15% of all profits are donated to national mental health awareness campaigns and support programs: ActiveMinds

10% of all profits are donated to support local arts (art supplies, gallery donations, etc. across Northern Colorado)

What makes a work of art stand the test of time?

The old masters have left us a blueprint, and this series is a collection of master studies; my desire to understand their techniques, and explore what made them special.

Studying the old masters has taught me about beauty. Here are my thoughts:

Beauty is self love, self respect, confidence, strength.
​It is divine, inspiring, and dreamy.
Beauty is eternal, not fleeting or temporary.
Beauty is the conduit for energy flow; it is activating and awakening.
Beauty is enthusiasm for life, it is the product of joy.
Beauty is a form of truth.
It confronts us, makes us think, and feel.
Beauty is pure. Beauty is uplifting, and the more you study it, the more connected you are to it.

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