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Case Study #1

Case Study #2


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My System for Success

1. Identify the problem

2. Break down the problem into actionable steps

3. Prioritize those steps

4. Create an action plan

5. Synthesize a solution

6. Execute the solution

Reliable Success Takes a System

My approach to art, and marketing is evidence-based and data driven. 

Excellence in storytelling

Excellence in communication

Excellence in inspiration

Inspire Higher featurettes included professional artists, athletes, engineers, journalists, and successful entrepreneurs.

Step 1: Identifying the Problem

The client tasked me with finding a new and effective way to connect with their audience on Instagram. Past attempts on social media felt "aimless", were primarily recycled memes, or sales announcements. There was no brand identity and no authentic connection with their target audience.

Step 2: Breaking It Down

I investigated past campaigns and attempts at audience connection. I learned that data collection tools were not used or understood. I explored past campaigns and how they were measured. I asked internal departments about the business identity, and the authenticity they wanted to communicate.

Step 3: Prioritizing Steps

Internal departments reported inconsistent interpretations of the business identity; there was no clear mission that everyone could agree on. I prioritized the following steps:

  1. Solidify the business identity and brand goals

  2. Set up proper and accurate data collection platforms to track audience parameters

  3. Analyze the data to understand the audience and their interests

  4. Mock up campaigns that communicate the business goals and schedule follow up meetings for internal support and approval

Step 4: Creating a Plan

I scheduled meetings with managers, executives, and the acting founders to outline a business identity, and create branding goals.

I setup Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and connected these APIs to the business website. I identified audience interests and key search terms of how people were finding the business, and areas of interest they were searching for.

Step 5: The Solution

Having goals and the business identity established, I created an avatar of the target audience based on collected data. I came up with multiple campaigns, and presented them in internal meetings. My evergreen campaign, titled "Inspire Higher" was chosen by the executives to communicate the role of cannabis in helping the business and it's audience to be their best.

Step 6: Execution

Data on the business identity, branding goals, and visual standards were compiled, resulting in the business's first Brand Book. The Inspire Higher campaign was designed and launched, and set up for long-term support. Local celebrities, athletes and high-achieving professionals were enlisted to tell their stories of how cannabis helps them to be their best, sharing inspiring stories to uplift the cannabis community. 

Case Study #1: Starting from Scratch

Case Study #2: Storytelling Inspiration

Celebrity floral artist from LA, Leslie Monroe, travelled to Colorado for the first time and hit me up. We planned the photoshoot concept, I contacted models, makeup artists, and fashion stylists. During the setup for the shoot, I asked Leslie about her goals and her artistry. Her story unfolded and I knew I needed to record our adventure together.

The goal of the shoot was to visually personify the beauty of the experience that cannabis provides.

Visual Impact & Inspiration