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15% of all profits are donated to national mental health awareness campaigns and support programs: ActiveMinds

10% of all profits are donated to support local arts (art supplies, gallery donations, etc. across Northern Colorado)


12x12 stretched linen

gesso primed

oil, with limited Zorn palette 

Portrait of a friend.

She is a textile designer.

In her international travels, she risked her life to save others. We've all seen inspiring and terrible things, and can relate to the strength it takes to cope and endure well.


Creativity is the problem solving mind.

Artistry is the talent of bringing vision into reality.

Creativity answers why; it's the motivation and experience to a good composition.

Artistry is the accuracy and skill to execute it.

Artists may be expertly talented, but not necessarily creative.

Creatives may be all around us, but not necessarily artists.

Both require practice.

Combining both requires life-long practice.

I practice daily at unlocking that practice; it's who I am; it's my life goal to be a true creative artist.

My works show the timelines of my development.

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