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photos, paintings, sketches

by Dr. Trevor Bennion
Fort Collins, CO


i take fine art portraits

what is fine art?

Fine art is a narrative style of art. It is about finding ways to visually demonstrate creative intention.

Portrait in Progress Izi
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i specialize in composites

what are a composites?

Compositing is taking multiple photos, and borrowing certain elements into a single image. Backgrounds, characters, and visual effects can be composited to create a powerful scene.

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i paint oil portraits

the finest quality

I paint with the finest pigments and mull my own paint for certain projects. I use quality paints and mediums so my paintings will endure hundreds of years.


i sketch portraits

sketchbook tour

Sketching is a part of my daily creative practice. Monochromatic sketches reinforce key values in my work.

booking a shoot and commissioning a portrait

I love to create art, and my art is in demand. Secure your spot in my books and let's get started!